At the Grow Collective we love to engage and energize a big (or small) crowd with a compelling topic. Topics we're passionate to speak on include:

  • The Enneagram: a superpower for leaders + teams
  • Empowering today's workforce to grow and thrive
  • Re-imagining feedback
  • Creating a Leadership Brand with Longevity

Jen's Empowering Today's Workforce to Grow and Thrive session at the HR Southwest conference got a 4.7 out of 5.0 rating and ranked #5 out of 95 sessions for total overall attendance.

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Jen Ostrich

Why Positive Psychology Belongs in Feedback

Jen Ostrich's session was one of the highest rated out of all 107 speakers. And I know why—her feedback topic is relevant, her expertise is unmatched, and her delivery is funny and engaging.

Kat Gordon, CEO, 3% Movement

The effects of Jen's talk at Bumble's retreat are being felt long after the event. Her Shift Positive Method opened people's minds to the power of giving actionable feedback, even when it's difficult. Her "t-chart" method is now a part of our feedback process, ensuring that conversations are constructive and meaningful.

Leah Heck, (Former) VP of People + Culture, Bumble

Jen's talk around "Shifting Your Leadership View" was instrumental I helping our growing team to focus and re-think how we approach our new business model as we continue to evolve in being leaders in our respective industry. Jen has a way of connecting with each individual and breaking down the steps to not make the task at hand daunting and more organic.

Cindy Y. Lo, CEO of Red Velvet Events

In just a 2-hour session, employees walked away with an "ah-ha" moment. Jen taught us to constantly ask ourselves to “visualize what success looks like” in our daily interactions with peers and direct reports, and that's helped steer conversations in a more productive manner.

Jeryn Blossom, Director of Employee Services, Pereira O'Dell