Transforming the minds of today's workforce so leaders and teams can effectively thrive.

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A coaching journey for all generations.

Through a deep journey of self-awareness and brain-based coaching, we co-create a growth strategy for each leader's optimal effectiveness. The result—leaders and teams who learn to thrive together, creating an optimized multi-generational workforce for today's organizations.

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Grow Collective Hummingbird

Growing to thrive.

To become something new, we must believe something new. This requires work. This requires allies. And, often, this requires seeing ourselves, and our relationships to others, differently. When we choose to grow ourselves, not in isolation, but while leveraging the people around us, then we can achieve more than we ever imagined.

The way a hummingbird flies should be impossible. It flies upside down, sideways and backwards. Meanwhile, its flight pollinates its entire ecosystem, benefitting not only the hummingbird, but everything around it. This is what we believe it means to truly thrive in leadership—growing into our highest potential in a way that helps us soar, and everything around us to naturally flourish.

To others, the way a hummingbird flies may seem impossible. But the hummingbird can't imagine flying any other way.

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Core Values



Live in alignment with your truth



Accountability to self and others to say what needs to be said



Relentless perseverance; the ultimate commitment

Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset

The belief in what's possible



Seeing with new eyes

Jen Ostrich, Founder and CEO

Founder + CEO: Jen Ostrich

Jen Ostrich is a skillful PCC Executive Coach, Facilitator, Speaker, and Author. As CEO, she leads the charge creating content and coaching leaders and teams. Her Grow Effect Model leverages both positive psychology and neuroscience to unlock one's ability to grow to thrive.

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Jen's strength-based approach was instrumental in helping our growing team to focus and re-think how we approach our new business model as we continue to evolve in being leaders in our respective industry.

Cindy, CEO