Feedback Reimagined: Transform your Organization Through Positive Psychology and Social Support

Available January 18, 2023

The effective feedback method for today's workforce.

If you're a HR business partner, talent development leader, among the c-suite, or a manager of people, you're likely feeling stuck on how to best retain and develop talent. Jen has co-authored Feedback Reimagined based on the Shift Positive feedback method she co-created which has revolutionized feedback. Feedback Reimagined illuminates the challenges of traditional feedback approaches and invites you to reimagine a new way of experiencing feedback that's both empowering and effective. Grounded in the science of positive psychology and social support, the Shift Positive® Method transforms the experience of feedback, creating more energized and engaged workforces. Learn how to:

  • Discern what's making your feedback system ineffective and detrimental to talent development
  • Build a feedback culture that promotes growth mindset and psychological safety
  • Learn and apply practical feedback strategies from the science of positive psychology and social support for more effective results
  • Foster a culture of two-way accountability where everyone is an ally in each other's growth
  • Create a shift in mindset that positively impacts employee engagement across the entire organization