Raise your awareness of what's possible.

If you want technology to behave differently, the code needs to be re-written to change the functionality. As human beings, our code starts with our underlying beliefs. To shift behaviors, it starts with understanding your own belief system. By understanding your Enneagram report, you will understand you. This assessment taps into your subconscious thereby shinning a light on your own inner make up and explains “why” you behave the way that you do.

With awareness comes choice. With this level of self awareness, you can choose where and how to shift to ensure you are showing up the way you desire. This process unleashes the power within to shift beliefs and become what's possible.

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The Integrative Enneagram will help you:

  • Create self-awareness at the deepest levels of beliefs, concerns, and motivation
  • Learn how to manage your motivation so it's not managing you
  • Gain insight on your dominant instinct and wings and how they impact your specific core type
  • Connect and integrate your head (thinking), heart (feelings), and gut (action)
  • Identify and shift patterns of thought and behavior that keep you stuck in order to unleash what's possible
  • Build trust, empathy, and a greater level of connection with yourself (through the personal report), with your leadership brand (though the professional report), your beloved (though the couples report) or your entire team through the team report.

Integrative9 Enneagram

Three Enneagram Paths

iEQ9 Enneagram Report: Individuals

For You

Personal Use

This is an in-depth 23-page report explaining your core enneagram type, subtype, strengths, challenges, three centers of expression, wings, well-being profile, and how to leverage your development pathways (the lines in the center of the Enneagram map). Further, it offers extensive development areas to reflect on and put to action to ensure ongoing self-integration and growth.

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iEQ9 Enneagram Report: Professional

Professional Use

The leadership report includes everything that the personal report does along with 18 additional pages on how your type shows up across various areas of leadership including communication style, feedback, conflict resolution, strategic visioning, decision making, delegation and more.

NOTE: If you're interested in either the couples report and/or the team report, you must purchase the more extensive professional report instead of the personal one.

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The Enneagram was the most eye-opening and rewarding tool I've used for self-improvement. It's like reading a car manual about yourself and your personality in a way that has never been expressed by another person or personality test.

Estee, Sr Director

iEQ9 Enneagram Report: Teams

For Teams

Once each member of the team completes the assessment and receives the Professional report, then one of our certified coaches can run a team report and facilitate a single day or multi day retreat. The team report takes a deep dive at team type and subtype, leader's type, centers of expression, conflict profiles, and similarities and differences to consider as the team moves through the four phases of teaming: forming, storming, norming, and performing. We will work with you to facilitate this process and determine the best journey for your team's desired outcomes.

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Jen proved to be a consummate facilitator leading my team's work through the Enneagram. We had a few 'aha' moments in our debriefs—and we've truly changed the way work together as individuals and collectively as a team based on this work.

Mark, VP of R&D

iEQ9 Enneagram Report: Couples

For Couples

If you and your partner want to connect even more deeply and understand each other's inner belief systems as well as outer behaviors, this report is for you. In an extensive 42-page report this report you and your partner will explore similarities and differences, communication and conflict styles, decision making, intimacy, parenting, and more.

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After experiencing Jen's approach to Enneagram for my company, I asked her to shepherd my fiancé and I through the couples report. For any couples who want to proactively better understand their partner's motivations, communication styles, conflict styles—even parenting styles, this is a really enlightening and practical way to do so while also learning so much about yourself. It's also kind of fun and not at all heavy. You don't have to wait for a crisis moment or couples counseling to just feel more seen and heard by the person you share a life with.