Working with Jen from Grow Collective was a pivotal turning point in both my career and personal life. Her coaching, grounded in the Enneagram, provided profound insights into my personality and stress responses. This journey not only helped me to identify and address my triggers but also to embrace gratitude among other lessons taught along the way, significantly enhancing my wellbeing and resilience. Jen's approach, which focused on self-led improvement and practical exercises, was truly transformative.

Michelle, Director of Sales Training

This coaching experience has given me pathways to be more thoughtful and deliberate about how I present myself to others, and where I can most easily find the support (or divergent perspectives) I need to tap into. I refer back to both the Enneagram and Shift Positive 360 pretty frequently and keep rediscovering things.

Jim, SVP, Strategy

Beyond the tangible outputs, I also wanted to achieve a greater self-awareness and be the best leader I could be to my team and exude the confidence and maturity that I know my team deserves. Jen was able to deliver that through actionable recommendations and exercises through things like the Enneagram and StrengthsFinder that allowed me to find the best qualities of myself and apply them to my role as a leader. It's these exercises as well as her guidance of how best to apply these insights that have allowed me to not only elevate myself but also people on my team. Her coaching has allowed me to coach my team better.

Angela, VP, Group Media Director

I had the privilege of working with Jen on the launch of Ocean Spray Cranberries Advancing Women in Leadership Program. Although initially planned for 5-weeks, the positive participant feedback resulted with the program being extended well beyond the initial period with additional coaching sessions and activities. The overall impact of the program was very successful resulting in a 92% favorability score and a willingness from the participants to continue to connect and support each other as well as future participants. The program content, execution and impact exceeded my expectations, and I would love to offer it again without reservation.

Brian, L&D Director

When we invited Jen into our team through the Enneagram lens, we were amazed at the new insights we gained. So impressed, we then asked her to run some team coaching sessions so that we could understand each other in a whole new way. This new learning has truly changed the way that we work together—by honoring what we learned about ourselves, about each other and our collective system.

Diane, SVP, Director of Leadership Coaching Program

Executive Coach Jen Ostrich has taught me how to leverage my strengths to truly lean into my leadership potential. Specifically, connecting my Enneagram core motivations to how I interact with others has been enlightening and directly resulted in healthier relationship dynamics. In my ideal world, every organization would invest in Executive Coaching for talent retention and to drive ultimate team performance.

Anna, Director of Regulatory Affairs

As the GM of a new leadership team we worked with Jen for over a year building toward team effectiveness. In addition to bringing a deep level of insight through Shift Positive and the Enneagram, Jen's ability to create space for my team to be vulnerable while also holding us accountable has made a significant impact in how we interact today.

Scott, GM/President